Welcome to STAR

Welcome to the STAR Community Justice Center located in Franklin Furnace, Ohio.

The STAR Community Justice Center is a 250 bed American Correctional Association (ACA) accredited male and female Community Based Correctional Facility (CBCF) and one of nineteen such facilities in the State of Ohio.

A Community Based Correctional Facility is a local alternative to prison with the primary purpose of rehabilitation of non-violent, felony offenders in the nine primary counties that STAR serves.

Notice of Public Meeting

The STAR Community Justice Center

Judicial Advisory Board

Will be conducting a special meeting for the purpose of:


  •  Call to order & roll call
  • Verification of public notice of special meeting
  • Approval/modification of the May 12th, 2017 JAB Regular Meeting Minutes (handout) – Motion
  •  Cost of advertising Executive Director position, FGB’s plan moving forward and why they deemed the process necessary (handout) – Judge Rudduck
  •  Consideration of FGB as previously constituted and recommendations regarding effect on all prior action of FGB – Judge Spencer
  • Consideration of FGB as currently constituted and recommendations regarding effect on all associated action of FGB – Judge Spencer
  • Review application process for Executive Director and recommendations, if any – Judge Spencer
  • Review/consideration of applicants for Executive Director position and any action by the judges of the JAB – Judge Cooper, Judge Spencer
  •  Executive session for JAB to discuss any issues with applications for Executive Director position and any recommendations to be discussed by the judges / Motion to convene in Executive Session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, or demotion of public employees and the investigation of charges or complaints against a public employee in accordance with O.R.C. 121.22(G)(1) – Judge Cooper, Judge Spencer
  • Roll Call
  • Motion to come out of Executive Session
  • Roll Call
  • Motions, if any, that are necessary as a result of Executive Session – Judge Spencer
  • Review/modification of JAB bylaws (handout) – Judge Coss, Judge Knece, Judge Spencer
  • Review/modification of FGB bylaws (handout) – Judge Coss, Judge Knece, Judge Spencer
  • Discussion on whether or not the Judge of Highland County pursuant to R.C. 2301.51 (D(3) wishes to continue to be served
    by the facilities and programs of STAR – Judge Coss
  • Approve appointment by Judge Knece (Pickaway Co. Common Pleas Court) of Wayne Gray, retired Circleville Police Chief to the Facility Governing Board
    for a term of three years. The term for Mr. Gray will start on 10/12/17 and expire on 10/12/20 – Motion
  •  Future use of the Liberation building on STAR’s campus – Judge Marshall
  •  Vocational programming update – Dusty Kellogg
  •  Program status report and aftercare update (handout) – John Adkins
  •  Concerns expressed by STAR personnel and community stakeholders – STAR Directors
  • Public Comment – Judge Spencer
  • Next meeting date/location –
  • Adjourn – Motion

    The meeting will be held at:

    Ohio River Valley Corrections Center

    4696 Gallia Pike

    Franklin Furnace, OH 45629

    September 8, 2017
    10:00 a.m.

    ~Public Attendance~

    The STAR Community Justice Center is a minimum security correctional facility.  Persons who wish to attend this meeting are encouraged to make reservations with the executive director not less than 24 hours in advance at the below listed address or telephone number.

    All persons are subject to security searches of their person, their property including their vehicle.

    No person may bring firearms, dangerous ordinance or weapons of any kind, or controlled substances including tobacco products into the facility or onto the grounds, under penalty of law.