STAR Community Justice Center is a state-funded community based correctional facility operating under the supervision of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Therefore, the same rules apply for contraband as if visiting a county jail or prison.

Residents are permitted to receive property twice after their initial intake. All hygiene items will be provided at the Resident’s expense from STAR Community Justice Center's commissary. Any personal hygiene items brought into the facility by a family member will be denied.

Any property mailed to the facility must be sent to the following address and include an itemized inventory of all contents:

(Resident’s Name/ID Number)
4696 Gallia Pike
Franklin Furnace, OH 45629

If property is dropped off at the facility, be advised you be required to fill out the Inbound Property Inventory form. This process can take up to thirty minutes depending on how much property is brought in.

For your convenience, you can print off and fill out the Inbound Property Inventory form and bring it with you by clicking here.

Permitted Clothing Items for Residents

(4) Pairs of Pants (overall-dress, jeans, sweat, etc.)
(2) Pairs of shorts (knee length, no boxers)
(6) Shirts (overall-short/long sleeve, etc.)
(10) Pairs of plain regular underwear (no thongs, G-strings, bikinis, glitter, lace, etc.)
(6) Pairs Socks total
(2) Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Hoodie (only 2 total, only one article may be hooded-hood may not be worn indoors)
(1) Pair Gloves (work)
(1) Winter Coat (hood not permitted to be worn indoors)
(1) Windbreaker/Jacket*
(2) Pair Thermal Underwear*
(1) Hat/Knit Cap (no skull caps)*
(1) Toboggan
(3) Pairs of shoes (tennis shoes, boots, (shower shoes count as 1) *(any combo, no high heels, no steel toes) 
(1) Wallet (with ID, social security card, birth certificate)
(1) Belt

Additional Items for Women: (3) Bras (no underwire, lace glitter, etc)

* The need for some of these items will depend on the season



Alcohol/drug related, profane, or un pro-social markings on garments are not permitted. Tobacco products are contraband and will not be accepted. Persons delivering or attempting to deliver contraband will be prosecuted.

Staff will examine all items for appropriateness and will have the final say in what is deemed appropriate.

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