Intake and Screening

Screening eligibility and admission criteria is established by the Facility Governing Board. Referrals are adult males and females, felony offenders referred by the Courts of Common Pleas.

STAR Orientation

Three weeks of classes, small groups, and assignment of a ‘Peer Mentor’ to assist new offenders with adjusting to the structured, positive environment.

Resident-Needs Assessments – Each resident is assessed using the ORAS, Bio-Psychosocial assessment and the SASSI. The administration of these tools helps to guide the process of what classes and groups each resident will participate in while at STAR.

Medical Services – Offenders are given a preliminary health assessment, health appraisal and health-care planning session during the intake process. Medical staff provides one-on-one instruction that includes the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis and other communicable diseases, and importance of nutrition in recovery. The goal of medical staff is to be an integral part of helping offenders develop a healthy lifestyle by providing quality medical care and advice or by referring to community clinics and dental centers that provide needed services.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

A well-established, research-based treatment design that meets Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS) guidelines. Offenders attend cognitive-based classes to recognize criminal thinking. Between classes they participate in groups where they learn to apply those techniques all day, every day by interacting within the resident community. Offenders learn to interact with people they do not particularly like and situations they would prefer not to be in – in a socially acceptable manner.


Thinking for a Change

Helps develop the necessary coping skills to deal with everyday life situations.

Moving On

Focuses on responsivity issues for women offenders. The structured program provides women with alternatives to criminal activity by helping to identify and mobilize both personal and community resources.


The path to return home begins as soon as the resident arrives at STAR CJC. Every resident is assigned a reentry specialist who addresses each resident’s reentry needs and begins knocking down barriers to reenter society with the goal to achieve success and avoid recidivism. These barriers can range from housing, employment and education issues, to substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling and relapse prevention. Upon discharge, every resident is given a reentry plan that the county probation or parole officer can use to aid in the continued success of the STAR CJC graduate.

Reformers Unanimous

A once a week, voluntary, faith-based continuing care group offered to offenders during their latter phases and after release. The RU program is a nationally recognized initiative offered at local churches. The goal is to assist those in recovery both during and after their residency at STAR CJC.

Loved Ones Group

Provided to give offenders and key family members an opportunity to process where the family has been, how they got there, where they want to go, and how to get there by appropriately expressing care and concern to achieve and maintain accountability and respect.

Community Service

Offenders participate at a limited number of community service project sites in the local community. This experience works to establish pro-social contacts within the community, elevate the degree of community confidence in the rehabilitation process, enhance the basic work skills and work ethic of the resident. It also allows the resident to experience the benefits of “giving back”.

Spiritual Services

A cadre of volunteer ministers offer spiritual services, on a rotating basis, two times a week. This group of religious leaders, known as STAR’s Faith-Based Initiative (F-BI) assists in making pro-social contacts in each offender’s home town prior to release.

Educational Services (GED)

State certified teachers assess individual skill levels to develop education plans. Educational services include computer aided job skills (Aztec), GED preparation/study, on-site GED testing as appropriate.

Vocational Classes

STAR CJC has formed partnerships with Scioto County Career Technical Center and Collins Career Technical Center to offer programs in Welding, Plumbing, Residential Electricity, Administrative Assistant, Building & Property, Maintenance, and Food Preparation & Safe Handling.

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