Visitor Information

Visitation Procedures

  1. Residents are authorized one thirty-minute visit per week, with a maximum of three persons per visit unless otherwise authorized by STAR Community Justice Center. The STAR Community Justice Center week begins on Monday and ends the following Sunday.
  1. Resident visitation is on a first come, first serve basis, with the exception of extended visits which will occur during the last hour only. Visitation occurs on:

Males:  Friday:  1:30PM-4:30PM, Saturday:  8:00AM-11:00AM.

Females:  Friday:  8:00AM-11:00AM, Saturday:  1:30PM-4:30PM

  1. All visitors 18 years of age or older are required to produce an official and current state/government issued ID. Visitors 17 years of age or younger are required to produce a valid birth certificate. All visitors are required to register with the Control Center. Visitors must be on the resident’s Approved Visitors List. Visitors under 18 years of age are permitted to visit with a resident if supervised by an accompanying parent or legal guardian. All minors must be a member of the resident’s immediate family. Visitors under the age of 18, not of direct relation with the resident, shall have form 0100 completed and notarized before the visit can occur.
  1. All visitors must be appropriately clothed and are permitted only in designated areas. There is to be no physical contact of any kind during the visit. Hands must remain above the table at all times. If at any time during the visit these behaviors are observed the visit may be terminated at the discretion of the Supervisor/designee on duty.
  1. Vehicle keys and permitted currency (see below) are the ONLY personal items allowed to enter the facility; all other items, unless given prior approval from supervisory personnel, are prohibited. Permitted currency is defined as dollar bills or change. Visitors must have the currency in a clear Ziploc bag. Any violation of this regulation will result in the immediate termination of the visit. STAR personnel will provide the bags as needed. All provided bags must be turned in at the conclusion of the visit. STAR Community Justice Center is not responsible for items left on the premises.
  1. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their visitors. Persons possessing drugs or alcohol and/or having weapons will be denied a visit and will result in criminal charges being filed against them. Visitors who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, unruly or disruptive, or present any other type of safety/security issue may be permanently removed from the approved visitor’s list.
  1. Visitors shall be subject to searches by STAR Community Justice Center facility staff. Upon arrival to visit, all visitors shall be required to pass through a metal detector before entrance into the facility will be granted. All pocket contents shall be emptied and contents shall be searched.


If you are bringing a minor to visitation, please print and fill out the form below. Thank you
Minor Authorization Form